where it began

´We have always focused on transparency and on creating products that heal and nourish. The effects are prominent, and each product is designed to focus on the long-term clarity and health of your body and face, rather than an overnight solution that lets you down when you stop using it. We have always believed that the difference in people is their standards, and the same goes for your skincare. ´ -  Antoneta Bursac, Founder


Why we started

KLARSKIN was born after the founder’s struggle with adult acne left her unable to find a lasting solution that didn’t involve antibiotic or medical intervention. After years of using luxury skincare and undergoing facials and procedures, her medical family partnered with a German laboratory to formulate a solution that performed well long term, and was the result of new developments in research and formulation.

The Radiance Powder was the first product that not only removed the persistent acne, but kept further inflammation at bay. The Reforming Liquid was created to tackle years of scarring from picking spots and sunlight exposure. Finally the Universal Serum was born out of frustration from being unable to find a high performance serum that did not use alcohol, fragrance or preservatives to regulate skin’s delicate flora, heal and calm, ultimately preserving skin without agressive intervention.  

After the effects from the developments were clearly evident and proved to be long lasting, the founder gained recognition for the distinct need for potent raw materials to be sold on the commercial market, that focused on tackling skin problems in a systematic approach and provided a solution that wasn’t just skin deep.

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, the range allows the body a break from chemical toxins, preservatives and pollutants. KLARSKIN is the next stage in helping to achieve a mindful, nourished, balanced body with a focus on longer lasting beauty and an upkeep of skin quality.

Each product is vegan and cruelty free. All products are sourced from Germany, a highly regulated market for cosmetics and supplements, and ensure that the raw materials that are not of German origin are tested in Germany under both German and EU regulatory guidelines.

KLARSKIN only purchase raw materials from certified dealers in order to receive the best quality. Our packaging is carefully selected for its ability to naturally preserve ingredients by restricting UVA light exposure, protecting the potency of our formulations. The company is concious of plastic and environmental downfalls in the beauty industry and vows to only use glass or paper where possible, and steers clear from all animal derived ingredients or genetically modified farming practices, delivering only concious, high quality produce to the consumer.

In an oversaturated cosmetics and beauty industry, we decided to follow our gut and launch what we believed in and used to better our skin. We are a skincare company with a focus on skin, which doesn’t necessarily mean we only produce products to put on your face, neck and body. We found the process to be far more advanced, so why shouldn’t your skincare solution be too?
— Antoneta Bursac

The Facts

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Made & Tested in Germany

German Regulatory Guidelines

Quality Controlled Raw Materials

Light Protective Glass Packaging

Free from Artificial Flavours, Colours, Preservatives, Thickeners and Fillers

GMO, Lactose & Soy Free

Scientifically Developed Formulations