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Having suffered from adult acne for years, these are the main aspects that helped me get rid of my persistent pimples and finally find a consistent approach to clear my skin – and keep it that way.

By Antoneta Bursac, Founder of KLARSKIN

I suffered from Adult Acne between the ages of 23 to 26. It started with small occasional red pimples on random parts of my face, that soon turned into aggressive cysts across my cheeks and jaw line, occasionally popping up on my forehead and chin. I had accompanying blackheads, an extremely dull and almost greyish skin tone with uneven texture. 

I distinctly remember having to wake up an hour before my normal alarm went off just to pile on the make up for my face look even. I know how it feels to try everything and not get very far, so I hope my story helps you with what may be causing you acne, and what to be aware of when trying to clear your skin.



My acne was due to digestive and hormonal issues. Before you read on you should know that I had all the relevant blood and stool tests to determine this cause.

Looking back at my journey, I am now grateful for my face reacting the way it did as I realise that skin in an elimination organ, and it was highlighting the internal problems I was having. Although it doesn’t feel like it now, it’s better to address acne when it starts.


There is a lot of research that suggests the main cause of adult acne is due to elevated levels of androgens (male hormones, although also found in women). In my situation I went to get a blood test, found that one particular reproductive hormone was comparable to that of a 45 year old woman’s, and this is after a lifetime of eating meat, eggs, dairy, and all animal produce. I was still in relatively good shape and thought that I was eating a healthy diet. I worked through to heal and stabilise this, and am still working on it. 

Food was my biggest medicine, and I truly believe it is the number one aspect you should concentrate on when trying to calm any skin irritation. For me, moving to a plant based diet and not consuming the antibiotics and hormones that come with animal produce these days in general lowered my stress levels and stabilised my hormones. Also being aware of the ‘dirty dozen’ and buying organic food where possible helped a lot. You will quickly notice that moving away from animal produce saves you a lot of money also, so reinvest that into good quality, organically grown plants, fruits, legumes, nuts and whole grains.

I personally ate a lot of dairy produce without even realising it, including milk, cheese, sweets, etc - if you do eat pasteurised Dairy, it will be a substance causing your hormone levels to be out of whack due to the testosterone and reproductive hormones found within. It also promotes cancerous cell growth and IGF1. 

Once you start consciously noticing how much animal produce is in most ready made food you will realise how much you consume on a daily basis. I honestly believe that in 50-100 year’s time when further research comes out our ancestors will look at us like we were insane for consuming the amount of animal produce we do per day in western diets. If you don’t want to stop eating animal meat or products at least cut down, and reduce food that spikes your sugar and causes excess insulin release. It will not only do wonders to your body and skin, but your mental health and clarity. I personally became a lot calmer and level headed which also helped me not deal with my acne by believing it would pass and not crying and picking at my spots when it all became too much!

When I found all of this out I went on a Soy binge (soy lattes, soy porridge, soy everything) until I found out that Soy is one of the most genetically modified plants out there - so try almond, macadamia, oat milk as an alternative rather than Animal Milk or Soy!


If you can’t get a blood test, the second easiest way to check if your body’s digestive system is functioning properly is to look at your tongue in the mornings. If you wake up with a white or yellow residue on your tongue it means waste is not moving properly through your bowels and intestines. 

White or yellow residue on your tongue is essentially a result of undigested food. It means your body is not capable of breaking down your food properly and is lingering in the body. 

The toxic by-product of undigested food then accumulates in your colon and will eventually enter into your bloodstream (leaky gut). It can even travel through your body and lodge itself in tissue and organs. 

What most people don’t realise is that our skin is an elimination organ, so if you have acne it is your body’s defence system trying to tell you something. I eventually came to believe that I was quite lucky that my body came out with acne because if it didn’t there are many other less obvious symptoms to leaky and other gut disorders (sluggishness, body odour, brain fog, fatigue, constipation) and can result in more serious disease down the line. 

Listen to your body and don’t suppress it with antibiotics unless it is necessary. This is talked about a lot in Ayurvedic medicine, but surprisingly not at all in modern western medicine. Anyone who has taken antibiotics for acne can tell you that if you are not cleaning up your lifestyle and diet the acne will always come back - this is because antibiotics destroy the healthy bacteria in your gut, pollute your liver, and can actually leave you in a worse off position than when you started.

Getting your bowels and lymph to circulate and move is a very important first step for elimination (apart from diet of course). 

Move your body and get your blood pumping to flush the waste, and nourish your body with fibre and plant rich foods. Avoid all processed food and meat anyway, but especially if you have any of the above symptoms because these foods feed pathogenic bacteria.  

Drink mint, dandelion or other bitter drinks before eating to help your body create bile and digestive enzymes to break down food easier. Drink lots of water and clean up your diet. There are so many people preaching different diets but you must discover what works for you and your body. Different people feed off different things, my main piece of advice would be to avoid all animal produce for at least a few months to give your body a chance to heal.

Next you need to strengthen your gut barrier and balance your gut flora by removing these pathogens and bad bacteria that are most probably dominating if you have acne. Replenish your system with good bacteria (probiotics) and feed it so that bacteria can flourish (prebiotic). 


Repopulating your microbiome with good, high quality bacteria not only works as an anti-inflammatory response and promotes digestive ease, but can strengthen your entire body, eliminate toxins and have effects on your brain function - after-all 70% of your body’s serotonin is actually found in the gut, not the brain.

If you’re still in doubt test your microbiome. You will need to find a lab that tests your stool and can also find what you’re allergic to and sensitive to and is causing these reactions. If you have a lot of waste built up inside of you, it is paramount to repopulate with probiotics to eliminate this waste and give you the skin and anti-inflammatory benefits. 


This is why we created the Radiance Powder and why I highly advise doing a 28 day course if you have any symptoms - it doesn’t only contain potent pro and prebiotic bacteria but has a high plant based fibre content and digestive enzymes that all work together to help you with the issues your body and skin may be experiencing (as well as nutrients and minerals we lack in our diets today). The formulation is also shelf stable so you can take it with you whilst traveling and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The Radiance Powder uses microencapsulation technology which improves probiotic survival during gastric transitioning, ensuring the healthy bacteria reaches the areas most in need.

You will see a huge difference in your skin when including a high quality, complex probiotic formulation into your diet and morning routine. It helps with your elimination and detox process, supports your body and organs to clear out the waste and purify your skin.

Thank You for Reading my Story!

Thank You for Reading my Story!


Anty Bursac